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Salmon fishing is on.

It's been a busy summer but my favorite time of the year is the fall. We are mostly fishing the Skykomish/Snohomish right now. Coho is the game. I usually fish them on the Skagit or Stillaguamish, but of course they are closed. The Skagit may open if test fisheries show enough coho. Last year they had to reopen the river, little late but at least they opened it. The Sky/Sno silvers came in a couple weeks ago and are showing in good numbers. Big tide swings this weekend should bring in some more. The coho can finicky. The lower the light on the water, cooler the water, fresher the fish the better they will bite. It can be tough fishing on a sunny day in the afternoon. The bite has been getting better lately with cooler mornings. I have been using small flies in various colors and bumping up the profile if the water colors up.

Pink salmon fishing is over so how'd it go... Well out the the 3 puget sound rivers I fish the most for pink salmon the Skykomish is usually my last resort. The Skagit can be killer and the Stillaguamish is great for fishing tidal fish in the lower river.

The Sky can be killer at times or not, and at times it was both. With a dry hot summer it started slow. The fish during low warm water would mostly bite in the early morning and a couple randoms during the day. The uglier the weather was or the colder the water got then the better the fishing got at any time of day. Later in the season we started getting guys into double digit numbers... normally very easy any time on the Stilly or Skagit.

One of the major bummers of the closures was the Stillaguamish cutthroat fishing. It can be a blast on light tackle but it closed right as the fish started to come in. I wish our fish managers would keep open more fishing opportunities for catch and release.

Winter Steelhead season is just around the corner and we are starting to book for it now. The hatchery fish get going just after thanksgiving. The Skykomish hatchery fishing was pretty slow so we spent most of our time on the Humptulips and Queets. Both were pretty good but the Queets was on fire when you hit the river conditions right. The fish were big too. Everything we caught was over 12# up to the high teens. Got watch out if you keep them. The dorsal fin has to be shorter than the width of a credit card EVEN if the adipose is clipped. Most of the adipose fin's don't get clipped from the Hatchery.

Full day steelhead class December 2nd on the Skykomish River: This is a great primer for the winter/spring steelhead season. We will go over equipment, reading water, presentation, spey casting, fly selection and more. Up to 3 anglers per guide. $189 pp. Call Mike or email to book.


Newer angler and looking to learn? We have 2.5 hr Casting (spey and single handed) classes and 4 hr River float classes. Class info Pay and sign up online.


Need some salmon or steelhead flies - http://streamsideflyshop.com/samplers.htm

Check out our Calendar - https://www.flyfishsteelhead.com/calendar

Happy Fishing from the DFF crew,

Mike D



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