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Dickson's Summer report

Skagit Dolly Varden

Weather's nice, rivers are in shape so what's happening? It's a pink salmon year so we are gearing up and in a few weeks they will be hitting our local puget sound rivers. Typically they are one of our largest runs of salmon. We will be doing most of our Pink salmon fishing on the Skykomish and Nooksack with some prime dates still available. We have a pink salmon full day class on how to fish for and catch these suckers on August 26th on the Skykomish. Early enough to find fish in the river and give ya time to get back out and have a few weeks to go get them on your own. Unfortunately for the first year ever the Stillaguamish and Skagit will be closed (don't get me started on how lame that is) Wdfw will be doing some test fisheries and if they determine enough pinks or coho they may reopen these rivers back up. I have found the Skagit salmon to be some of the best biters possibly due to the colder water. Methow River

Methow river trout

The Methow is great for some dry fly action. The number of big cutthroat has been down a little in the last couple years but there is still some nice fish to be found. On my personal time I have really gotten into fishing light rods on some of the local tribs to the Methow (most close Aug 15th.) They get the random fire so check road closures if your in the area. Local are so used to them life goes on you just work around them. Thanks for all the hard working firemen over there too. I had a lot of fun on our last trip out there till someone found my spare key and shuttled my rig down to the next take out (long story, we already shuttled my rig to the take out spot. Somebody must have grabbed and shuttled the wrong truck???) I have August 4th or 6th open on the Methow that I'll do at a $75 discount for either day if filled. The local steelhead fishing has been a bit spotty. There is some fish on the Sky but you have to put in some work. Before the Skagit closed a week ago we where getting some nice Dolly Varden swinging flies on light spey rods. Most days we hooked decent numbers of fish with our biggest around 26 inches. For our brothers up North because the Skagit is closed we will be running some guide days on the Nooksack for pinks. They tend to get good numbers of fish and the fish show up a little earlier that some of the Puget sound rivers. By early August you can expect to find fish. The river can run dirty at times so check river levels and reports. Look for the river to get better visibility mid to late summer into the fall. One of the big bummers this year is that the Stillaguamish is not open hence no sea run cutthroat fishing. One of my favorites. Talking to the local biologist he said the tribes were trying to limit the impact to the king salmon on the north fork. A simple solution is to close the river from c-post bridge up (most of the kings will be from there and higher in the river) leaving the lower part of the river open to cutthroat fishing. Something has to change as the sport fishermen can have a very low impact if managed right and still have some great catch and release fishing opportunities.

Need some pink salmon flies - http://streamsideflyshop.com/samplers.htm

pink salmon flies

Jonathan is our beach fishing pro. He hits that pretty hard and has the gig figured out. He does most of his fishing on Whibley Island. Our beach fishing trips are 6+ hrs and start timing depends on tides. We do these trips for $169pp. Double occ. Depending on timing and area the species we catch are Coho, Pink salmon, Sea run cutthroat and Bull trout. We only keep salmon depending on regulations

Full day classes: Each class is designed to learn about a specific specie or type of fishing in each season. Check out or classes for summer steelhead, methow trout, sea run cutthroat, beach fishing for pink salmon and river pink salmon.

Newer angler and looking to learn? We have 2.5 hr Casting (spey and single handed) classes and 4 hr River float classes. Class info Pay and sign up online.

Check out our Calendar

Happy Fishing, Mike D

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