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Quick Weekend report

Just Quick report from last weekend.

washington fly fishing brown trout

We headed over the pass to hit some East side lakes. First on the list was Blue lake. Fishing was ok. Along with bows they do have some nice brown trout that are always a treat. Most fish hit on chironomids. The lake and drive in was worth the drive. Such a beautiful area. Omak lake was a bit of a bust. We killed it last year expecting to get back to where we left off only to find the lake much higher with some dirtier water due to some feeder creeks with dirty flows. The thing that makes Omak Lake so much fun is sight fishing to cruising cutthroat in the shallows. We did manage to get a few fish from shore but did better trolling with our boat. We had some buddies with us that left Omak and hit up Aeneas Lake. Apparently they had some great fishing on chironomids and leaches. We didn't want to backtrack on our last day so decided to hit Big Twin Lake on the way home. We started with chrons with a little success but once we put on some sink tips and stripped leaches we hammered them pretty

seattle fly fishing guides

good till we decided to head home. While I was gone the local rivers opened up. They are up higher right now due to the warmer weather and some run off but a buddy of ours said he hit the Stillaguamish over the weekend with no luck. Usually I hit the Sky for steelhead until I hear good enough reports on the Stilly. Each year can be hit and miss for the hatchery fish. while a couple other guys caught steelhead and chinook on the Skykomish. The Skagit was a little high but I saw reports of big Dolly Varden caught. I haven't heard of any Chinook caught but I'm sure there was some. Most of the time they are a incidental catch due to the deeper water they are in and harder to target.

So what's coming up on the scene.

The pink salmon are lower returns this year but those lower returns are still bigger than any other salmon run we have. There should be plenty of fish to catch if you know where to look. It looks like the Snohomish system will have the most fish in the N. Puget sound.

We will start our fishing for them Aug 15. with the bulk of the run flooding in around September. This one books up early - We are filling prime dates now. I just talked to one of the head fisheries managers and should have details on the specific regulations soon. Anglers should be allowed to keep 2 fish depending on locations. Catch and release is encouraged anytime but if you get them fresh I like to smoke them. Pink Combo - We are offering 1 day beach fishing and 1 day river fishing combo for Discounted to $375 pp double occupancy.

Right now we are doing river floats for steelhead on the Cowlitz. Some of the gear boats are starting to focus on springers so it lightens the load a little on the steelhead pressure. I’ll be running 2 day trips anytime for $399 pp double occ. The “Cow” has some killer swing water, watch the damn flows before you head out. Anything over 10K starts to get a little higher than I like. Due to a higher snow pack look for higher flows and run off to last a little longer this year.

Jonathan is our beach fishing pro. He hits that pretty hard and has the gig figured out. He does most of his fishing on Whibley Island. Our beach fishing trips are 6+ hrs and start timing depends on tides. We do these trips for $169pp. Double occ. Depending on timing the species we catch are Coho, Pink salmon, Sea run cutthroat and Bull trout. We only keep salmon depending on regulations.

Many local lakes open are now open and fishing great. I like to fish them now through mid june. We are doing 6hr local trips for $150pp Double occ. Great way to learn some local lakes and better understand still water.

Starting mid July I'll be fishing the Methow River for trout. There are a few species of trout to choose from. We do river floats and cover lots of water using multiple techniques but what I love about fishing the Methow is the fish are very active to dry flies. The weather and setting makes the fishing a bonus.

Full day classes: Each class is designed to learn about a specific specie or type of fishing in each season. Check out or classes for summer steelhead, methow trout, sea run cutthroat, beach fishing for pink salmon and river pink salmon.

Newer angler and looking to learn? We have 2.5 hr Casting (spey and single handed) classes and 4 hr River float classes. Pay and sign up online.

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