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That was fun, what's next.

olympic peninsula steelhead fly fishing

Spring steelhead is done. Overall it was a good season. Info on that season is at the bottom.

Update: partner needed for steelhead trip june 26-28th any day

So what's coming up on the scene.

The pink salmon are lower returns this year but those lower returns are still bigger than any other salmon run we have. There should be plenty of fish to catch if you know where to look. It looks like the Snohomish system will have the most fish in the N. Puget sound.

We will start our fishing for them Aug 15. with the bulk of the run flooding in around September. This one books up early - We are filling prime dates now. I just talked to one of the head fisheries managers and should have details on the specific regulations soon. Anglers should be allowed to keep 2 fish depending on locations. Catch and release is encouraged anytime but if you get them fresh I like to smoke them. Pink Combo - We are offering 1 day beach fishing and 1 day river fishing combo for Discounted to $375 pp double occupancy.

Right now we are doing river floats for steelhead on the Cowlitz. Some of the gear boats are starting to focus on springers so it lightens the load a little on the steelhead pressure. I’ll be running 2 day trips anytime for $399 pp double occ. The “Cow” has some killer swing water, watch the damn flows before you head out. Anything over 10K starts to get a little higher than I like. Due to a higher snow pack look for higher flows and run off to last a little longer this year.

Jonathan is our beach fishing pro. He hits that pretty hard and has the gig figured out. He does most of his fishing on Whibley Island. Our beach fishing trips are 6+ hrs and start timing depends on tides. We do these trips for $169pp. Double occ. Depending on timing the species we catch are Coho, Pink salmon, Sea run cutthroat and Bull trout. We only keep salmon depending on regulations.

Many local lakes open are now open and fishing great. I like to fish them now through mid june. We are doing 6hr local trips for $150pp Double occ. Great way to learn some local lakes and better understand still water.

Starting mid July I'll be fishing the Methow River for trout. There are a few species of trout to choose from. We do river floats and cover lots of water using multiple techniques but what I love about fishing the Methow is the fish are very active to dry flies. The weather and setting makes the fishing a bonus.

Full day classes: Each class is designed to learn about a specific specie or type of fishing in each season. Check out or classes for summer steelhead, methow trout, sea run cutthroat, beach fishing for pink salmon and river pink salmon.

Newer angler and looking to learn? We have 2.5 hr Casting (spey and single handed) classes and 4 hr River float classes. Pay and sign up online.

Check out our Calendar

steelhead guide trips olympic peninsula

So how did the spring steelhead fishing go on the Olympic Peninsula go? We obviously got quite a bit of rain but for the most part there was still a couple rivers that could be fished during the higher flows.

I would rather fish a river high with rain than low and sunny.

The Hoh fished pretty good. The lower river gets more color so it wasn't as fishable but did get some good days in the late winter. Below morgans the river keeps changing due to a bunch of log jams. Good to scout things out if you don't know where to go. The Queets and upper Humptulips were barley fishable this season for the spring fish. They fished killer for the hatchery run and good till early March. After that for the most part the flows where just too high. The lower "Hump" was great for the earlier hatchery run but I'm not a big fan of the water so didn't fish it much for the natives. The upper Queets from the campground down gives you a little clearer water and was floatable but you have to pick the right channels and do a little boat dragging. Not a big deal as, It will probably change by the time the river reopens anyways.

The Sol Duc fished pretty good and produced some big fish. The wild fish come a little earlier than some rivers which can make it a good early season fishery but by April more fish start to spawn than other rivers so harder to find fresh fish. There is some nice swing water but it helps to nymph and cover water. The Bogachiel was out of shape quite a bit due to a slide above hwy 101. Hiking the upper river was a good way to get to some clean water. The Clearwater had a slow start in Feb but then turned on in late Feb. The Clearwater is a bit like the Sol Duc. More canyons and deep pools vs. gravel bars and runs. There is some nice swing water but helpful to nymph that one too. The upper Quinault has some beautiful fly water and more like the Queets river with shallower water and nice fly bars runs. There are a few decent sized swing runs but most are on the smaller side. It really fishes best high due to very clear/shallow water which worked well for one of our wettest seasons. The one bummer is rowing across the lake to the boat launch. If the forecast calls for decent wind I wouldn't even do it. There were 2 separate channels on the river. Both at times were good to hit and a nice way to break up the river with other anglers. The Upper Quinault changes every year with lots of log jams. It's good to get some local intel or do some scouting before you go for it.

The O.P. is just ok for summer steelhead so I tend to just hit it for winter/spring fish.

The weather is getting nice and our local rivers will reopen in June. If you want to get something booked give us a shout.

Happy Fishing,

Mike - Streamsideflyshop@yahoo.com 425-330-9506

For more info check out and join our facebook page

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