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Questions and Answers:


Want a partner to share a trip? Given enough time we can usually find one. Also we may already have guys looking for a partner. Inquire about dates.

Buy a fishing license over the internet or by phone. We can't get one for you.
https://fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/wa/license or by phone at 1 866 246-9453

Do you take out novices?
Dickson Flyfishing specialize in teaching new anglers the art and science of taking trout, salmon and steelhead on a fly. Our Flyfishing Made Easy program was developed for the 200-300 budding anglers we teach each year.

Which waters do you boys fish?
Our fishing  is set up on a seasonal basis. Our instructors flyfish steelhead year round on Washington's finest streams. Love to explore with you the best waters of when & where.

How Long have You been guiding professionally?

The guide business was started in 1983

Do you float or walk-in ?
We do both but most trips we do a river float and get out and wade fish. Some fishing can be done out of the boat.

Do you ever take out non-flyfishers?
Sure, We focus on flyfishing but if you have a non fly angler we can accomodate you.

What does your trip include?
A full day with a guide/instructor either a boat to float in or transportation to the water to walk into, and all equiptment. Chest waders are not included. Lunches are optional on many guide trips, spelled out in the Trip itinerary. The angler is responsible for appropriate licenses.

Do you float or wade?
Some rivers at dead summer low, are better walk-in trips, while most are better to float. If you have a strong preference either way, let us know. We generally travel by raft or drift boat when floating, stopping to wade and fish each pool.

How long is a guided fishing day?
Generally about eight-ten hours unless you have special needs (plane flight etc.) How do I book a trip?
Contact us by email or phone and give the time period you wish to fish, how many is in the party, and how many days you wish to fish. We will tell you which days we have available in that time slot. After we finalize your selection you will send a refundable deposit * before a trip and the check or Paypal $ will hold your dates. Upon verbal or written confirmation Dickson Flyfishing will hold your booking day for 5 days unit we receive your deposit. We will then confirm the deposit by email, and instruct you by itinerary, when and where and what time, you will meet your guide. Dates are always held, first come first serve.

When should I book?
As soon as you know for sure the time slot you are coming.
Go to the References and Endorsements page to see some of the nice things people say about Dickson Flyfishing. We are happy to also provide references to anglers who have taken your specific trip.

It is assumed, angler will bring: Chest Waders (We rent), streamside lunch (included on group trips and full day schools), and licenses.

Can I rent waders from you for my trip? Yes, Just send us your shoe size, and your guide will bring your chest waders to you when you hook up for the day. Cost: River $20 Lakes $10 Monies are paid online or at the beginning of the trip.

Novice toFlyfishing? Try one of our Flyfishing schools

All Guided Trips & Schools contract  -  As an angling client I agree that:

1) Confirmed instructional trip dates are held by a 50% deposit per angler or full payment. Schools are prepaid. All contracted monies are redeemable for a full calendar year under the following restrictions: A total refund minus a $35 service fee will be charged for all trips & schools after the first 48 hours of purchase. (A) Refunds are not available within 14 days for Local Washington State trips. Grande Ronde trips are to be paid in full 45 days before the expedition date. If a angler can't make it the angler is responsible for his/her replacement outside the grace period, or forfeit the monies. If the client needs to reschedule before the 14 days of the local trip or 45 days for a non-local trip (G.R.), most of the time we keep the deposit for a different fishing trip within the calendar year or refund the $. If the client is within the 14/45 days it is up to the instructor to allow the deposit to be used for a different trip. (Some good dates just can't be rebooked in time to make them up)

2) I understand Dickson Flyfishing will confirm the date availability and that only my deposit will hold my date.

3) Should, in the instructor's decision, the waters become unfishable, prior to the outing the angler has the full refund option of: a) aborting the trip, the check is destroyed or Paypal is credited. b) monies can become a deposit for a future agreed upon trip at angler's discretion.

4) Should I the angler organize a group clinic. I am advised to have each member send their own deposit/money or I will collect payments from each member, before the excursion. (Schools are prepaid) If I send an instructional trip deposit for more anglers than myself, I am responsible for the each angler deposit, should that angler not attend.