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Steelhead, Salmon & Trout


Yearly Calendar or  Fly fishing schools


The Skagit River: Summer - Spring
The Famous Skagit River 1.5 hours North

of Seattle. One of the more scenic rivers

with views of the Cascade mountains in the

back ground. The Spring steelhead fishing is

back! A favorite for many spey fishing

steelhead anglers.

This river has  5 species of salmon, steelhead,

dolly varden, with a few rainbows and


The Sauk River: Fall - Spring

A Tributary to the mighty Skagit the Sauk is

like the little brother. Best fished in the fall -

spring for salmon, bull trout and steelhead.

I like it for it's beautiful character and swing water with killer boulders. It can produce large spring steelhead too. The upper Sauk can be fun for trout in the summer but often glacial and running dirty through the summer lower.


The Skykomish River: Summer - Winter
One of the Closer rivers to Seattle at just 35 minutes to the river. Originating in the Cascade mountain range, the north and south forks of the Skykomish River confluence above the little town of Gold Bar Washington, forming the Skykomish River mainstem. This beautiful mountain stream is the home for several salmon species, along with the ever popular summer steelhead. The low gradient Skykomish river is ideal for steelhead anglers looking to swing the fly. The"Sky" summer steelhead migrate into the lower river as early as June, and the fly fishing remains consistent throughout the summer . Lovely summer/ fall days, floating and light sink tip lines along with spey casting presentations for this fine summer steelhead is the rule but we also fish it for Salmon and trout at times.


The Stillaguamish River: Summer - Winter
As the oldest designated Fly Fishing Only stream in the United States, the North Fork of the Stillaguamish river is steeped in anglers tradition. Affectionately known as the "Stilly", anglers from all over the world have traveled to the Pacific Northwest to fly fish here for steelhead, salmon and a great sea run cutthroat fishery.  As this watershed is where Mike and Dennis grew up on and Dennis began his career as a Fisheries Biologist as well as a fly fishing guide some 25 years ago, I guess you could call this little river their home waters. Several of the stories Dennis & Mike have written in their popular fishing book titled Fly fishing Tales, have come from the Stillaguamish system.


Wenatchee River Steelhead:
Wikipedia: The Wenatchee River is a river in the U.S. state of Washington, originating at Lake

Wenatchee and flowing southeast for 53 miles (85 km), emptying into the Columbia River immediately north of Wenatchee, Washington. On its way it passes the towns of Plain, Leavenworth, Peshastin, Dryden, Cashmere, Monitor, and Wenatchee. Tributaries include the Chiwawa River, Nason Creek, Peshastin Creek, and Icicle Creek. Its drainage basin is 1,333 square miles (3,450 km2) in area. Dennis began his eastern Washington steelhead fly fishing career on the Wenatchee River back in the 1980's. The steelhead fell on hard times in the mid 2000's, but came roaring back in the past several brood cycles. Returning to fish these steelhead, is like returning home. Some many memories!
A river of two seasons: The Wenatchee River steelhead are a strong aggressive fish swimming some 400 miles to get home. Spring: WDFW keep a close eye on the spawning escapement. There is a small but exhilarating "window" that happens in later March, when the steelhead numbers are reached. It's our job to fight them off. Tuff gig. The late Fall returning steelhead is the perfect compliment to the month, we spend on the Grande Ronde. The last two weeks of October thru the first two weeks of November, is the prime time to took swing flies for these lovely desert steelhead. Both floating & sink tip lines get it done. Many of the hot patterns Dickson has developed for steelhead were designed for the Wenatchee River steelhead.

Come spend a day, you will be glad you did.


E-mail Mike at Streamsideflyshop@yahoo.com or phone at (425) 330-9506

E-mail Dennis at DDDicksons@aol.com or phone at (425) 238-3537