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Pink Salmon fishing


Upcoming seasons depending on regulations.


By far Washington's best fishing. These fish only come every other

year so get them while you can. Depending on your timing it's not

uncommon for each angler to catch 30+ fish and have double and

triple hook ups most of the day.  Great for family's, and kids to hard

core anglers that just want that hook up over and over.

Please consider:

We fish the Skykomish River, Stillaguamish river and Skagit depending

on regulations, logistics and the timing of the run. Fish are 4 to 11

pounds & weather is great this time of year. We fish fly rods 5 to 7 wt.

Pleasant to cast and really shows off the strength and power of these

great fish. The Pink Salmon enter in bright and strong, and with the

flies we have developed, we catch them consistently on floating lines

and depending on the type of water we can swing grease line in the

surface, and Waking Flies! Our professional river rafts or drift boats

are both safe and comfortable.

For our group trips we do a streamside BBQ lunch. It's not uncommon

to also hook a coho, dolly varden, cutthroat, king salmon or steelhead.


Full day guide trip is $450 for 2 anglers.
For group trips we can take up to 3 anglers per guide with up to 9 anglers. You can put together your own group, or come join another. $189 pp

Our professional rafts are both safe and comfortable. For our group trips we do a stream side BBQ lunch.

Mid Aug - September is the time frame. It books up early and dates depend on availability and regulations.

Whether you have fished all over the world or just getting started, everyone loves this trip. 

Looking forward to seeing you, Mike, Jonathan & Dennis