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1/2 day river float class: Click here for info &to sign up. Classes are held a few times per month on Washington's best NW rivers. Introduction to fly fishing for steelhead and salmon school. We have a couple river options. Group Float trips are within an hour or 2 from Seattle . We will go over Casting, equipment, how to hook fish, show where fish hold and explain fish characteristics. Twords the end of the class we will be fishing! We will try to answer as many questions as we can. 4hr class offered at $269.99 pp pay here

To sign up for any of the classes below Email  Mike


or call 425-330-9506 For payment info click here

Full Day Classes and School Schedule Here
To sign up Email or call Mike at 425-330-9506 For payment info click here

Why not just take the flyfishing school from my local fly shop?
Simple answer: Our schools are on the water so you get hands on learning, learn holes and where to fish.
Flyfishing is like any sport. Learning is in the "doing."
Imagine you are looking to learn to play golf. Instructor says, come spend two nights at our pro shop learning about the gear, and a 1/2 day hitting balls at the driving range. How close did you come to actually playing Golf at your local golf course?

No wonder over 1500 anglers have taken a school from us over the last 10 years!
Our Flyfishing schools are on the water, comprehensive, full day schools, crammed with information, to accomplish one goal; make you a better fly fisher. You should expect a two year apprenticeship in a single day! Read the recommendations and endorsements page for testimonials about our schools and guide trips.
We now offer custom schools from steelhead to trout, from surface to bottom, for individuals and parties.

Here is how it works.

a) Contact us for a specific time period.

b) Describe your flyfishing trip, angler level, preferred waters, species et.

c) How many in your *party. (We can handle groups to 9)

Our promise:
If you are a single or duo, we promise to only hook you up with angler(s) of similar wants & goals. This clinic is specifically limited to three anglers.

What happens if Dickson's can't come up with second or third angler?
No sweat. You are only responsible for the anglers you book for.
E-mail Mike: Streamsideflyshop@yahoo.com Cell: (425) 330-9506

"Building responsible anglers is what will save our Flyfishing resource"