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Dickson's Book Fly Fishing tales.


All of the stories can now be found on Dennis's new book available online.

Buy it now online for only $4.99     Amazon.com Kindle version         B&N Nook Version

Buy the hardcopy $9.99 + $4 shipping

1 Fly Fishing Bears
2 Eagle & the otter
3 Bear attack attack
4 Doctor’s wife who wouldn't fish
5 Canyon Creek
6 Don't shoot Don't shoot
7 Charlie
8 The Cranky Client
9 The funniest things happen at the trade show
10 The fishing Dog
11 Mouth to mouth combat
12 Dozer & the crow
13 Dozer goes to Nunnery
14 Dads Perfect Boat
15 Allen
16 Pass Lake
17 Sometimes it’s Not about the fishing
18 New Zealand Connection
19 Eagle & Chinook
20 Steelhead dogs
21 A fishing story
22 Besides fishing
23 Bill
24 Atlantic Salmon
25 Guide Hats
26 Laughing Underwater
27 Guides are professional Liars
28 Eagles are like that Hal & the eagle -sucker
29 Flyfishing Ducks 101
30 A Plane ride from Mexico

Forward: Mark Twain once said “I never let the truth get in the way of a really good story.”

Dickson’s FlyFishing Tales is nothing more than a montage of outdoor memories that Mike and I have collected over the past 30 years as flyfishing guides. As you read these angling accounts from bears to eagles, no doubt you may question the credibility of the experiences. Sometimes I wonder myself. The fact is. All are true, or at least they are, as my little mind has chosen to remember. I don’t believe you can spend some 200 days a year out in the wild for nearly three decades, without having those episodes that leave even you wondering, “Did that just really happen?” I will let you as a reader, decide.

Sometimes our writings pokes fun of the angler. Mike’s writing “Dad’s perfect boat” is a poke at me. All are in good jest. Simple reflections from simple men. Enjoy.

Best of fishing,

Dennis & Mike Dickson

E-mail Dennis at DDDicksons@aol.com or phone at (425) 238-3537

E-mail Mike at Streamsideflyshop@yahoo.com or phone at (425) 330-9506