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As a native of the Pacific Northwest, Dennis Dickson has lived in Arlington his entire life, (except for two years while attending the University of Washington and another two years in Hawaii.)Dennis graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree, College Of Fisheries in 1978 working the next eight years as a full-time fisheries biologist. Dennis expanded beyond the biology field and began guiding fly anglers in the mid 1980's. In 1990 Dennis recognized many of the challenges associated to fisheries were habitat related. He branched out into the environmental section, graduating from the Wetland Institute of Technology in 1990. Dennis has spent the past 21 years, working as both a Biological environmental/fisheries consultant as well as a flyfishing guide.Dennis and his son Mike share their vast outdoor experience, including the teaching of their highly popular flyfishing schools. Flyfishsteelhead.com is among the most widely read Internet weekly steelhead flyfishing reports in the state of Washington. Dennis also has personally written over 40 articles and stories about steelhead flyfishing.Dennis & Mike spend their time guiding and eco rafting for salmon & steelhead throughout the year in regions like the Skagit & Sauk Rivers in the North sound, the Olympic Peninsula’s Queets River, and southeast Washington’s Grande Ronde.  Dennis enjoys all aspects of fisheries work, which includes preserving spawning streams & watershed protection. Sharing this education with guests on river rafting tours, is his way of giving something back. He and his sweet wife Dawn have been married for 35 years. (Any wife who can put up with a Biologist/Flyfishing guide as a husband should get some kind of congressional medal.) They have three wonderful kids, Mike being the oldest. Dennis is happy working in his community and church (when he is in town). He enjoys people and loves fish. Watching guests come away with a greater watershed appreciation is a thrill that never goes away.


Mike grew up Flyfishing in his home town of Arlington, WA where he began fly fishing since the age of 8. He started his guiding career helping his dad with trips in 1995 and Mike then went to work as a Flyfishing guide for the Tsui River lodge in Alaska . He came home and traveled out of state to college for a couple years and then back home to finish school. Mike would work as a flyfishing guide for Dickson Flyfishing on the weekends and spare time.

After sitting at the computer for a year, Mike realized he had to make a decision. He needed to work full time as a Flyfishing guide and in 1999, he became a full time guide. Chasing steelhead and local game is a fun & strategic game that he passionately plays. Mike admits he loves the outdoors and particularly this type of work. He enjoys the people and lifestyle and plans on guiding, teaching and fishing his whole life. Mike is excited that are so many great fisheries in the Northwest and around the world. Exploring new fisheries, preserving existing fisheries, and providing anglers with new ways and places to fish, are all part of the fun.

lately Mike has been limited to guiding on the weekend so Jonathan has been doing most of the work guiding full time. 


Jonathan is originally from Texas where he spent his angling days fishing the Texas middle coast around the areas of Rockport and Aransas Pass fishing for speckled trout, flounder and redfish.  His mother is a native of Brittany France where he spent summers fishing the rocky coastline of the Southern Finistere for wrasse, sea bass, and Pollack.  Together these areas formed the foundation for his early obsession with fishing.  In 1997 Jonathan moved to Corvallis, OR with his wife and daughter where he attended Oregon State University.  It was during this time that he became acquainted with salmon and steelhead and the beautiful rivers they inhabit.  He also discovered fly fishing and honed his craft in the pursuit of anadromous fish.  After graduating from Oregon State with a bachelors of science his love for fly fishing and the desire to share his knowledge to others streamside only grew eventually leading him to his decision to try and make it as a full time fly fishing guide.  Upon moving to Anacortes, WA with his family he began the arduous process of becoming a guide spending a season guiding for Kulik Lodge in the Katmai National Park in Alaska.  Upon his return he had the good fortune of befriending Dennis and Mike Dickson streamside, which lead to a professional relationship that has lasted to this day.  His diverse experiences have given him unique perspectives on fish behavior as well as a wealth of knowledge on many facets of fly fishing including techniques, casting, and equipment designs all of which he enjoys sharing and teaching to others.  He never stops fishing and exploring his home rivers the Skagit, Sauk, and Stillaguamish as well as fly fishing the salt water beaches around his home in Anacortes.  He enjoys spending time with his family, friends and clients sharing his insights on fishing but more importantly emphasizing the importance and value of connecting with and preserving the amazing natural resources we have.