Olympic Peninsula - Winter Steelhead Flyfishing Schools

Sol Duc & Bogachiel River March 19 or 20
Itinerary and Detail list



I hope you are as excited about our upcoming school(s) as we are. This is our fifth year we have put on these O.P. classes, and always have lots of fun, as well as being instructional. If you have failed to get your deposit in: Please Email to confirm your date is held.

Deposit is: $75.

Send to:

Dennis Dickson, Flyfishing
PO Box 295
Arlington WA 98223

Pay Pal: You can pay on-line @ www.flyfishsteelhead.com

Meeting Place: Forks Washington: Pay-N-Save Shop Rite Restaurant 360 374 6769 (see directions below)

Time: 7am for breakfast. 8am for class

Itinerary: We will gather at the restaurant, and carpool up to the Sol Duc River, for the morning fishing and instruction. Play until noon, eat lunch (Provided), and then off to the The Bogey for the afternoon. Should finish up between 4 - 5 pm.

We provide the Streamside Lunch, no extra charge.

Plan on plenty of streamside lecture, but of course the learning is in the doing. Angler to guide is 3:1. Lecture notes provided

Expect the first portion of the day to be lecture, explaining the where, when and why's of steelhead behavior and how we approach them, in our fishing. We go over such things as steelhead run timing, understanding steelhead and how they interact to weather lighting and water conditions. How to recognize a steelhead flypool, and other reading the water parameters.

The second portion of the day is much demonstration. Teaching anglers how to present and effective fly. How to find and take even a reluctant steelhead into striking, and how to play and land a fish in our steelhead simulation.

The third and final segment is the actual application. You fish and the guide critiques. Fair enough?

You now qualify for the Members Only in Streamsideflyshop.com To enter

Members Only page:
User name: Member
Password: ********** given after deposit

Spring Steelhead Flies: http://streamsideflyshop.com/flies.htm You are not required to buy any for the trip. Find below my recommendations.

We have added both string leech and articulates to our fly selection. We have fished with all of them. Awesome!

My fly selection is determined by; water clarity, outdoor lighting, and stream flow. The flies selected below can be found at Streamsideflyshop.com
click on blowup for greater detail. The # should eliminate any confusion.

Dark day/ Dark water: I like Whites & Blacks

Traditional Cop car # 1013- anytime water visibility is under 4 feet.
Cop Car String leech # 1016- Water vis. is over 4 ft. stops short strikes
Copcar Articulated # 1015 - Large profile for turbulent waters, big water situations

Little bruise # 1006: Soft water lies, especially at daylight and dusk.
Big Bruise #1006: Bigger water, new aggressive fish, dark days
Egg face Black string leech # 1049: Soft water, dirty water, dark days
Black Articulated Brass eyes # 1048: Turbulent, dirty water, dark days

Dark days/ clear water:

Blue/Purple marabou Traditional # 1001: 4-10 ft. vis. soft to moderate flows. Dark days.
Blue/Purple Bunny string leech # 1018: Same conditions as traditional but turbulent flows
Red/Orange marabou # 1018: Bright or dark days, 4 ft vis. or above

Bright day/ Dirty water:

Hal Smith Special # 1011: under 4 ft. vis. Great in brownish water
Cop Car series (see above)

Bright day/ clear water:

Pink Stinker # 1028 4 ft. vis.
Red/Orange marabou # 1018 (same)
Humpy killer # 1007 (same)

Black Bart: # 1032 Anytime!

Chest Waders.....wade fishing.
*Rod: 7 to 9 wt. class (optional) We carry the "Yancy Rod" which is a 10' 8wt. designed by Dennis And mike for the Yancy line system.

*Reel: steelhead quality (Read reels: good one and bad ones) www.flyfishsteelhead.com
We recommend and sell the Tioga 10 LA for winter steelhead flyfishing.

*Lines: Yancey Sinktip; Rio type 6 or Ultra 3 13' type 5.....a floating line (also but optional)

* Dennis & Mike will have rod setups as demos for the outing

Wading Cleats: Not necessary
Wading staff: Optional but OK
PFD: I have but if you have a personal you like. bring it.

Flies: See above

3 inch mill file sharpener & nippers
10# maxima ultra green tippet material
Good rain coat
Coffee or hot drink
fingerless gloves
warm clothes (especially from navel down)
Water proof duffel (optional)
License and punch card. We Will release all wild steelhead.

* We will bring 3 rods, reels and lines set up with the Yancey line system, for demo, flies are included, but if you have equipment needs, i.e. a rod...please let me know.

Lecture notes provided

Directions: Grab a map, we are heading West: Take a ferry or drive through the Tacoma Narrows, if you are south of Olympia, drive around heading north up SR 101. Follow signs to Forks.

From Seattle Area: Work your way over to Port Angeles. You are on SR 101. Follow signs to Forks WA. and you are there. Restaurant is 1/2 way through town, with big parking lot on left. (Look for all the drift boats)

My recommendation is to come over the night before and take a motel.
Forks CC 360 374 2531

Town Motel: 1800 742 2429

Forks Motel 1 800 544 3416

Brightwater: 360 374 5453


Before you go: Check the weather, check the forks area river flows from www.flyfishsteelhead.com. (Hoh River) Call me if you think it looks iffy. Watch for an Email and or phone call, if weather isn't cooperating. If no news from me.......we are a go.

Emergency Numbers: Please send me your emergency #, AND BE SURE TO CHECK IT BEFORE YOU HEAD OUT. Not a bad idea to let me know if you are heading over the night before, where you are staying,......Yada yada

Looking forward to it,
Dennis, Mike, & Jonathan

Dennis Cell # 425 238 3537
Mike: 425 330 9506

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