Grande Ronde Steelhead

Grande Ronde Wilderness Steelhead
multiple day float trips

Or our Grande Ronde Cabins and Campout Clinic 3 day Steelhead Adventure.

Absolutely the greatest rush in freshwater is learning to raise steelhead to surface flies. One of the finest steelheadGrande Ronde Wilderness Splendor streams in the world, to explore the art of surface flies, is Washington's own Grande Ronde River, and its wild summer steelhead. Dennis and Mike have been guiding the GR since the mid eighties, and now this father & son fly fishing team offers two entirely different multiple day fly fishing experiences to demonstrate how to fish it.

So why the two different experiences?

Both 3-day fly fishing expeditions will cover all aspects of floating and sinktip line presentations as angler explore some twenty miles of this world class fishery. Mike runs his trips in the upper river, while Dennis floats the lower.

Grande Ronde Wilderness Steelhead Float Trips with Dennis Dickson: Since 1990, Dennis has spent a full month each fall, taking anglers on his back-to-back, 3 & 6 day steelhead expeditions floating through the lower wilderness section of the Grande Ronde river. Many of these guys return year after year.

Surface Flyfishing is the rule:

Dickson's FLHS flyline along with his ever popular Crystal Caddis dry fly, were specifically designed for these surface rising steelhead. Plan for an intimate experience as Dennis teaches you the exhilarating sport of rising steelhead to surface flies! His hands on approach, caters only to a total of three anglers per expedition.*If you are looking for life beyond, bobbers & beads, this is it. Both single and double handed rods are welcome.

*Grande Ronde Wilderness Steelhead Float Trips -$899 for 3 day trip or $1,800 for 6 day trip
*Moderate to accomplished angler level.
*Check for availability of preferred dates - Email or call Dennis at 425-238-3537

Angler, Steve Burke tells of his Grande Ronde wilderness experience

Grande Ronde Cabins and Campout Clinic with Mike DicksonGrande Ronde Cabins and Campouts with Mike Dickson: A three day expedition designed for the finest instructional/guided steelhead fly fishing experience. From novice to expert angler, a wonderful way to explore the Ronde. The surface rising steelhead is the focus but we also will swing sink tips when it's time.

Up to six anglers are allowed per trip with Mike and an assistant, while you are taught steelhead flyfishing from sunrise to sunset. There are so many pools! Discovering the nuances of the lie water, where the steelhead hold, which pools consistently hold fish, and avoiding those that don't, that is worth the experience itself! As the camp-outs conclude, Mike also conducts single day guide trips, in the later season.

Discovering the nuances of the lie water, where the steelhead hold, which pools consistently hold fish, and avoiding those that don't, that is worth the experience itself!

*Cabins & Camp out Clinic- $649   Anglers of all levels welcome
*Check for availability of preferred dates* Email or call Mike Dickson at 425-330-9506

Watch the Grande Ronde Wilderness Video on YouTube
Grande Ronde Video


Hi Dennis,

Well, I just got back to civilization and wanted to say thanks for showing me a good time over on the Grande Ronde. I had so much fun and learned a lot, from all of you guys. It was my first steelhead trip. I got to fish with Mike the most, I enjoyed his company and I learned a lot from him. He was always there to help out and to laugh along with me and my comedy of errors. From over spinning reels to near-dunkings, I had some good laughs with him!

I also wanted give a big thanks to you for coaching me into that steelhead on a dry. It was the most exciting thing that's ever happened at the other end of my fly line! Just to see the take and feel the fish on...I don't see how it can get better than that! Learning from you that afternoon made getting a fish on top like that for me a total bonus. It's something I'll remember for the rest of my life and I can't thank you enough for that.

Sincerely, Willie U.

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