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Mike Dickson - Steelhead

Mike Dickson grew up Flyfishing in his home town of Arlington, where he has been fishing since the age of  8. Mike then went to work as a Flyfishing guide for the Tsui River lodge in Alaska. He came home and traveled out of state to college for a couple years and then back home to finish school. Mike would work as a flyfishing instructor for Dickson Flyfishing on the weekends and spare time.

After sitting at the computer for a year, Mike realized he had to make a decision. He needed to work full time as a Flyfishing Instructor. In 2000, he became a Dickson Flyfishing full time instructional guide. Chasing steelhead is a fun & strategic game that he passionately plays. Mike admits he loves the outdoors and particularly this type of work. He enjoys the people and lifestyle and plans on instructional steelheading his whole life. Mike is excited that are so many great fisheries in the Northwest and around the world. Exploring new fisheries, preserving existing fisheries, and providing anglers with new ways and places to fish, are all part of the fun.

Mike is the owner/operator of Dickson's virtual flyshop, where he and his Dad have developed their own line of flyfishing equipment, lines and flies for their students.

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